I love checking out quilt shows. Nothing beats a day full of quilting fun with lots of oohs and ahhs. So what is there to do at a quilt show? Plenty. Check out my list of the top 6 reasons to attend a quilt show.

Bits 'N Pieces Quilt Guild, 2018 Quilt Show

Bits ‘N Pieces Quilt Guild, 2018 Quilt Show

  1. So Many Quilts. So Much Inspiration.

    Quilt shows are a great place to see a wide variety of quilts in one place. You will be amazed at the assortment of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes. It’s an impressive display of eye candy that is sure to inspire. You will certainly walk away with ideas for your next quilting project.


  1. Learn Something New

    Classes, workshops, and/or demos will give you plenty of opportunity to learn. Take some time to learn a new technique, get introduced to a new skill, or try a new product. You are in the presence of many great quilters who are excited to share their experience. Take advantage of this and learn something new.


  1. Win Fun Prizes

    How would you like to win a quilt? Or perhaps a basket of quilting fabric and notions? Quilt shows often sell raffle tickets for just that. For a small investment, usually a dollar or two, you could win a fun prize. Plus, it’s a great way to support the quilt guild, which leads me to my number 4 reason…


  1. Support and Join Your Local Quilt Guild

    Quilt Guilds sponsor quilt shows to share their passion with the quilting community. If you are not familiar with your local quilt guild, this is the place to learn more. Meet guild members, learn about upcoming program, and inquire about membership.


  1. Shop the Vendor Market

    A great one stop shopping opportunity. Quilts shows have vendor markets where you can check out the latest and greatest products. Whether you are looking to add to your fabric stash or getting started on your next project, you will find something you can’t live without.


  1. Meet Other Quilting Enthusiasts

    Looking to connect with others in the quilting community? You will find people of like-minded interest at a quilt show. Strike up a conversation. You never know, you just might find a new friend or quilting buddy.

As you can see, there are many good reasons why you should consider checking out a quilt show.  You will always find something new and different at each show. Whether it be a local show or a fun road trip adventure, I encourage you to seek them out and enjoy them.

I am always looking for quilt show recommendations. Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite quilt show.

From my studio to yours,

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